About the service

MessageWall in general

MessageWall combines text messages, social media and web pages into one compact and stylish service.

We offer organisations a “virtual bulletin board”. MessageWall is an excellent addition to any event granting multi channeled communication and attendance at the event and its activities.

MessageWall can also be used as a social media wall displaying what people are posting on Twitter. It combines all these social media feeds into one stylish page that can be displayed on a media screen or a website.

The appearance of MessageWall is always tailored to the customer's desires and theme making each one have the flavor you want. There can be multiple different MessageWalls per event to give each part of the venue its own flavor and context. The content of the MessageWall can be moderated and we offer moderation services with at location support. MessgeWall also be integrated into a live-stream service allowing it to be used by remote participants.

Additional information

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