What does the MessageWall service include?

The service includes the software for handling; messages from the different participation channels, polls and displaying these function. You can display the contents of the MessageWall on anything you can plug a computer into or runs a internet browser. Support for the service is available during office hours via phone or email.

Will the service work at my event?

The MessageWall service has been used at thousands of events with great reliability. We have the capacity to handle vast amounts of simultaneous users. Sadly we cannot guarantee the capability of the local wifi/wlan-networks and they are an integral part of a web service.

Why does the service have so many participation channels?

We want to offer a service that includes as many channels as possible. When defining what channels will be active it is best to consider the nature of the event and the who the audience is. We recommend using multiple channels at once to cater to as wide audience as possible.

Do you provide services in English?

Yes, our services are available in Finnish, English and Swedish. The control panel is in English. We are based in Finland and all our services are produced here in Finland.

Will MessageWall function abroad?

Yes, we offer global use of the service. MessageWall has been in the United States and Singapore alike. We also offer local text message services in almost every country in the world.

Can I acquire MessageWall for a single event?

Yes, you can order the service for only an hour if required and it will be priced accordingly. We are more than willing to negotiate a deal that fills the requirements you have. We offer an annual subscription giving you the service for a year at a competitive price.

Does MessageWall really improve my event?

We have got very positive feedback about MessageWall so we say it does. We believe the easy to use multi channeled environment Messagewall provides increases activity and involvement of the audience during the event. We also offer support on how to get the most out of MessageWall and do our best to modify MessageWall to your needs.

Can I moderate MessageWall myself?

Yes, most of our customers have been able to moderate their MessageWall themselves. However sometimes there is so much other work that outsourcing the moderation is the best option and then we are more than happy to come to the event and moderate for you.

What does MessageWall require from the venue?

In theory nothing. Of course if the venue possesses a large screen/display to project the MessageWall onto or you possess something to do so the overall cost of the MessageWall will be lower. We also rent out screens and displays if none of the aforementioned are possible.

Do you only operate in the Helsinki area?

No, we also have personnel in Jyväskylä, Kuopio and Mikkeli. Tampere and Lahti are cities where it is common to have events where we are present. We are willing to travel to guarantee you the most out of our services.

Can I order the MessageWall service from a third party?

Yes, but be aware that MessageWall is not a registered trademark and does not always represent the MessageWall we offer.

How does MessageWall voting work?

Create a poll in the moderator control panel, publish the poll, people vote by sms or in the web application, see results. It is that simple. Additional customisation of the poll can be applied for special cases. For example a password can be required to vote.

How about ships, will MessageWall work on the seas?

Works like a charm, as long as there is internet access on the ship. Of course on the open seas the internet connections can be slow and thus performance can be slow. MessageWall has been used on cruises to Tallinn and Stockholm successfully.

What devices are required to run MessageWall?

To display the MessageWall at least one computer with internet access is required plus a screen to actually display the MessageWall, large screens and projectors work best for this. A single computer can display more than one MessageWall depending on model and make. A second computer with internet access is required to moderate the MessageWall. Additional hardware is usually best acquired from the venue but we also rent out all the hardware required to run MessageWall.